Gabriele Bigini

CEO & Founder

Since the very outset of my career, I earned the opportunity to deal business on an international level. Building enterprise and innovating with diverse cultures was arduous and challenging and implied overcoming difficulties in places often remote from those I was familiar with.

My experience abroad alongside major Real Estate groups, was crucial in acquisition of skills and knowledge I later exploited in Project Management activities, especially in the tourism and hotel industry.

Developing hotel projects, luxury resorts or redevelopment projects, always represents a new challenge in increasing land and district value as in creating a return on capital.

The years of my personal experience are at the foundation of Sistema Servizi, established in 2003 with the exact purpose of channeling the right resources and committing them to more qualified and unique projects.

Sistema Servizi aims to assist Clients in every step of enterprise, by means of expertise, passion and dedication. This is the only way we know how to create uniqueness which is worthy standing the test of time.


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Contact info

Via A. Monteneri, 43
06129 Sant'Andrea delle Fratte
Perugia (Italia)


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